Sleep sweet dreams
in our guesthouse!


Our 4 bedrooms were decorated and furnished to ensure you can get a good night’s sleep. Sounds easy enough, but after travelling for so long we truly appreciate how a good night’s sleep can do wonders. We didn’t want to compromise on anything, so we tested different mattresses until we found absolute perfection: box-spring beds. Outstanding mattresses, materials, and textiles. As you can see, sometimes it’s just as simple as that.

The Guesthouse has four double rooms. The “sundowner” can also be transformed to accommodate two single beds rather than a double bed. For, you know, friends who will stick with each other through thick and thin but find spooning crosses the line.

Every bedroom has a private bathroom with a shower. There are 4 bathrooms with a shower, while the guesthouse’s living room also has a toilet.

We clean the bedrooms 3 times a week (incl. in price). Just come find us if you want them cleaned more than that.

No, quite the opposite. Be it 2 or 6 people, the guesthouse will still feel quite cosy. And guess what – we can even accommodate up to 8 people, if requested.