Crashing at your friends’
at your home away from home.


The Romy & Johannes Guesthouse is the fulfilment of our long-held dream: creating a unique guesthouse. The guesthouse is located in a breathtaking location in Scena and gives guests new, unprecedented perspectives from every angle. Boasting a view over the thermal town of Merano, we host travellers from all over the world and introduce them to the local culture and interesting people, with the aim of forging long-lasting bonds. Personal and yet with a degree of privacy. Be our guest.


"Our guesthouse is equipped with every creature comfort, and yet that’s not what makes it so special. No – what will sweep you off your feet will be meeting interesting locals and discovering new points of view you will cherish forever." Romy & Johannes.

Romy & Johannes – hi guys, that’s us! We’re a couple with a broad range of interests. “Local for a while” is our joint project which creates a new way of experiencing holidays in South Tyrol by forging strong connections between the region and its people. In this way, everyone can feel like a true “local”, be it for a short or long time, and not just like a tourist. Vacation? Workation? Regardless, we, together with Romy’s girls Ladina and Serina, want to transform your time in Scena into an unforgettable experience. What are you waiting for?

The guesthouse is brand-new. We’ll start welcoming guests all year round as of 10 October 2020. Minimum booking: 5 nights.

While the guesthouse is spacious, it still has that homey feeling to it. There are many common areas, as well as comfier, more reserved areas to retreat to. There are 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 parking spaces in the garage, a fitness area, an attic with a spacious living room and kitchen, an amazing “wellness garden” and 4 extra balconies – each and every one with a stunning view across Merano and its surroundings. The ideal capacity for our guesthouse is 2-6 people, but we can also accommodate up to 8 people upon request.