Hi there! Can’t book online? No worries, it’s not you – it’s us. No, really, it is. Sure, online bookings are all the rage – but a tad unpersonal, don’t you agree? At Romy & Johannes Guesthouse we would like to get to know you, your requests, and wishes even before you arrive. Why? To plan the perfect stay for you at the guesthouse, of course!

So, let’s start! What should we stock in the fridge? Are you a sauna fan, or do you prefer a Swedish wood-fired hot tub… or both? What do you want to do while here? Will Charlie be joining us, or is your four-legged friend staying home? Oh, you’re not a dog person – see? Getting to know you before you arrive is essential. Let’s talk.

Romy: +41 79 774 02 42
Johannes: +39 335 7740881